Savannah101: Introduction to myself and this blog

The glasses are not mine (just wanted to cement the whole Ugly Betty thing, the braces unfortunately are.
This blog is unfortunately not about pie. (I'm quite embarrassed by my lack of culinary skills.)

So my story...

It probably started when I started writing a diary around the age of 8. I went into a lot of detail about the shows I watched, wrote about what I ate, mostly complained incessantly about the injustice of only being allowed two books from the library (TWO BOOKS?!) and of course, prattled on about the daily dramas in my life.

So anyway, what happened was I grew up and there was GCSE's, my social life (Ha ha, yeah right) and stuff like the internet. Also, the added embarrassment of my friends coming over, reading them and having a laugh made me slightly more cautious.

Anyway, I digress. This blog is basically going to be a new diary, except I'm (hopefully) not going to drone on and on about my life. I'll just post stuff I'm interested in and it's quite possible that someone out there is interested too.

Okay, quick list of things about me:
1. I'm 5 ft. 8 and for some reason, this makes me a giant. I never understood that.
2. I wear glasses AND have braces. I make them work, I think.
3. I'm not musically bigoted and have a wide range of genres that I like.
4. I love movies. My favorites are 90's, 80's (Oh, John Hughes), old black and white classics, cheesy slashers and B movies, horror, fantasy and science fiction. Summer blockbusters too, of course.
5. Books. Books. More books. Mostly fantasy, young adult, horror and contemporary.
6. I have this weird thing about escalators. It's not that I'm scared of them...
7. Love food, hate the pounds. I'm currently on a healthier diet and trying to get my butt of the couch to hit the gym.
8. Do NOT even get my started on TV shows. It's a long list. Taste ranges from Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore (Yes, I know. Awful, just awful) to really great ones (Frasier, The Wonder Years, Dexter, Game of Thrones)
9. I'm a marketing graduate and I'm currently unemployed! I'm really interested in PR and Advertising too. I love using social media and would love learning how to apply it in a business context. (Woo... that got really serious and CV sounding there. Calm down. I'm getting to the next point.)
10. I really really REALLY love animals. I just don't own any so I spend a lot of time on YouTube going "awww..." watching Maru the cat . I also spend most of my time watching NAT GEO WILD and Animal Planet. I'm trying to be more environment friendly and looking into conservation efforts here in Dubai to try and protect animals. Also, this summer I'm looking to do some volunteer work and having fun in the sun (More like sweating and trying not to pass out in this 40 degree heat.)

So that's it for now. There's an abundance of bloggers in Dubai, I'm sort of excited to join in and see what everyone else is writing too. I've only peeked at a few right now - let's face it, I have no idea what I'm doing so I was trying to get a feel of what blogs are like.

Any comments, feedback, swearing at me is encouraged. If you liked this post do share, or whatever, don't, no pressure.


  1. why did you pick the name "easy as pie"?

    1. Yay! First comment! It's "Easy as pie" because I know life in Dubai isn't always pie. I kind of like to look at things that way, sort of like anything is possible. So "easy as pie" is ironic but then it's also not. :D Welcome to the blog and I hope you stick around!

  2. liked the blog, made me smile. good writing skills for a first time blogger ..... keep writing

    1. Thanks for the feedback! :) I will keep writing, come back for more!

  3. I've literally spent all night reading your posts and it was rather entertaining, sad I'm done now :( keep it up. Definitely gained a follower x