The Big Turtle Release at Madinat Jumeirah: Turtle Power!

I woke up bright and early at 7.30 to head down to Madinat Jumeirah for Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project's event to release a hundred turtles into the sea. I literally had to drag my sister and myself out of bed on a Friday, to brave the summer heat, but it was all worth it. The organizers did an excellent job apart from a few hitches but we both enjoyed seeing the lovable creatures.
How awesome does the Burj Al Arab look?
Paddle boarders and Moms with children decided to head further in to catch a glimpse
Virgin Radio RJ Kris Fade in a Ninja Turtle suit (Raphael) in 37 degree heat. Hero in a half shell! Turtle Power!
The big turtles were released first. 
They literally weigh  more than a 100 pounds.
Kids were allowed to release baby turtles
Here's where I got a little emotional seeing the baby turtles scampering off and...OMG  how adorable are they?!
Look at this little baby turtle, what a cutie.
Almost there...
My sister, Kasica, Virgin Radio presenter Big Rossi as Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja  Turtle) and I strike a pose.
Yay! He's free!
Swim free, little turtle! Dubai will miss you!
 The good things about this event were that:
  • It was well organized with parking and umbrellas for people to stand under and water was provided free of charge to hydrate ourselves with.
  • Madinat Jumeirah is a great place to grab a bite to eat before or after, shop and chill.
  • It started on time and the hosts were friendly and entertaining.
The not so good were:
  • The cordoning off of areas should have been done before the event. A lot of people got excited to see the turtles and ended up pushing forward so people sitting down got upset.
  • Signs should have been put up inside the Madinat, we were walking for ages before we found the beach.
The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation program released 150 critically endangered hawksbills, 3 green and 2 endangered loggerhead turtles, after nursing them back to health. 7 of them have satellite tags to update them on where they go and what they do. Here's an image of the feed:
So cool. Look how far one of the turtles, Lepi reached.
I personally think the event was a great success and it's such a great organization. I really enjoyed myself a lot. People who were whining about the heat, how long have you been living in Dubai? It's hot, it's summer, get over it!

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  1. nice post, beautiful turtles... n i agree that 7:30 am on a friday is early (for some !) :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's so early for me. I'm just not a morning person, but I am a turtle person!