Dubai Life: The Funny & Quintessential things about our city

Comedians and Tweeters, @ComedyDubai and @AudioMonkee, the hilarious people of Dubai, started a competition where the funniest tweets with the hashtag #DubaiLife get the grand prize of Air Arabia tickets or Grand Cinema tickets with popcorn (with popcorn, you guys!) The winners are announced on July 4th at Pavilion Dubai so *fingers crossed*.

So people sent in their funny, quintessentially DUBAI things. Here are the ones I came up with:

A couple that I found really funny:

That's all for now, If there are any more that I find funny I'll post them up. If you guys aren't on Twitter, I suggest you get one! For more funny Dubai stuff:

Also, to leave you really feeling warm and fuzzy about Dubai, students from my former university, AUD (American University in Dubai) made a music video for their media class. I thought it was really cute. Give it a watch:

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