Madonna at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi: Concert Review

Madonna's concert was probably the first truly controversial concert people have really experienced in the UAE and in the Middle East.

There was violence, with visuals of blood splatters, a Kill Bill-esque scene of her shooting down a bunch of guys with some pretty realistic looking guns:

Madonna at Yas Island Abu Dhabi Concert Review
Bang Bang. (Shot you dead) - Her doing Gang Bang and segueing into Love is a Revolver. (One of my favorites)
Lots of religious imagery. With the Hebrew chanting, lyrics infused with Christianity, Monks and buddhists on stage. But really, were you surprised? Haven't you watched her video for Like a Prayer?
Religious sacrifice? Taking a rest between all the hip thrusting and high-kicks? 
Screens showed collages of political leaders, and at one point, swastikas.
Now we're really being risqué, eh Madonna?
And of course, the groping, pelvic thrusting, stripping and dropping the F bomb a couple of times. Very sexualized but who's complaining?
Yep, it's still the tightest tush in the world
I hope that my bum is still as fantastic when I'm 53.
It was still completely fantastic. 
"It's f**king hot here. I hope you appreciate how hard I'm working" - Her "Madgesty", panting in between songs.
Showgirl: The mother-of-four performed some high kicks while playing electric guitar in very high heeled boot
Look at that high kick. I can't kick that high and I'm 30 years younger than her!
Well, Madonna, I hope you appreciate that we worked hard to shell out cash for these tickets. But to give you credit, you are The Queen of Pop and everything.
Tweets ranged from the ecstatic:
@Mimistyleicon "Madonna was so late... but sooooo worth the long hours waiting. She rocked like the icon she is at Yas Island"
To this:
@Hamad_AlShirawi "No more crazy illuminati concerts please. #Madonna"
To the organizers of this event: Don't listen to the critics. Madonna was amazing.

  • Her mash up of Lady Gaga's Born This Way and Express Yourself and her saying "She's not me. She's not me."
We know. Just like you're not Marilyn Monroe.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Madge.
  • Her set list, criticized by many, I quite enjoyed. Excuse me, but if you wanted to hear her greatest hits from the 80s you can just Youtube them. She's promoting her new album with new songs. Songs from the set list were:
Girls Gone Wild
Gang Bang
Love is a Revolver (Lil Wayne on screen)
Like a Virgin (a slow, sad version)
I don't give a (Nicki Minaj on screen)
Express yourself/Born this way
Give me all your luvin' (EPIC, with cheerleader outfits)
She's still young at heart!
Turn up the radio
Open your heart
Justify my love
Bits of Material Girl and Papa don't preach (Unfortunately my favorites)
Like a Prayer (At this point I was saying "Hallelujah" and bowing down to the Queen. I went slightly insane.)
Celebration (Encore)

I may have forgotten a few or messed up the order due to all the excitement last night.

  • She was more than an hour and a half late. Even though the venue was reportedly less packed than the 1st day of her concert in Abu Dhabi, it was still quite humid. Also, it's a weekday, some people have day jobs, Madonna, they're not the Queen, you know.
  • Her opening act Benny Benassi  finished his set and just walked off (I think he was texting to someone, probably his Mum. Rude much?) I hoped that he would be remixing "Celebration" but instead he seemed to be ripping off Calvin Harris and Avicci. Benny, Don't you have any other tracks other than "Satisfaction"? 
However, in my opinion, her concert was worth every fil. Abu Dhabi obviously fell in love with her. Look, they're even planning to erect a monument for her! Just like her iconic cone shaped bra!
Oh Dear, thank god this isn't for real. (Thanks, Arabian Enquirer.)
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  1. Great review! Keep 'em coming :)

  2. hey your review made me laugh... i didn't get to watch the show but going through your review, i got a feel of what the event was - so keep writing and making smile - great job :)

  3. .thanks for sharing

  4. Reading your review, I felt I was there. It is funny and true at the same time.

    I liked the Lady Gaga and Marline part; and also the cone shape. They made laugh.

    Keep up dear. I like your post winks ;)