Pitbull in Dubai Concert Review: Mr. Worldwide underwhelms. Dale!

Let's get this review out of the way. After waiting hours for Mr. Worldwide to show up and enthrall his fans in Dubai while he proceeds to ingeniously rhyme "Kodak" with "Kodak", I decided to leave after Pitbull finally decided to start barking around 12.30. 

The last thing I heard before I left was "International Love", his collaboration with Chris Brown where he slipped in Dubai in one of the verses, which was nice but wasn't enough for me to forgive him for his absolutely painful singing and a confusing foray into Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". 
Most people in Dubai love Pitbull because he wears sunglasses indoors too!
His head was really shiny on stage. 
Dale! *Throws in some spanish worlds* = New song.
I was invited by a friend to go for Pitbull with Karl Wolf, Greg Stainer and DJ Brooklyn.

Seeing as how it was a free gig, how could I say no?! 

I did have a lot of fun in the beginning when DJ Brooklyn, a student from my alma mater, AUD (American University in Dubai) was on stage. He played urban with a mixture of some club tracks and kept the crowd entertained and moving. He also displayed some fine MC Hammer moves.
DJ Brooklyn
It was all going great until some woman named Nina, from X Factor Britain, got on stage, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I thought my ears would start bleeding

The crowd were first bewildered but then were quickly annoyed at her constant shrieking and complete lack of talent (other than writhing around in some sort of tacky Lycra getup). The crowd was quick to boo the wannabe Shakira. 
Ugh, get off the stage!
Karl Wolf arrived on time and I've never been much of a fan but he didn't disappoint with his hits, and Dubai favorite "Yalla Habibi". He also infused some of his songs with Arabic drums, surprising me with his talents of drumming, and playing the piano. His new song "Mash it up" (a censored version, to cater to his Middle East fans, of  F*** it up with Three Six Mafia, produced by Dany Neville and Greg Stainer) could be a new club anthem, and after that he showed some love to the other DJs which was very cool. 

Other than some minor sound problems like mic feedback and visible backstage guys working, it was a good performance. Good job representing Dubai, Mr. Wolf!
Karl Wolf belting it out
Greg Stainer was entertaining but after 4 hours of listening to LMFAO, Rihanna and the same remix of Adele, I was tired, and so was everyone else. People were so fed up of waiting they sat on the dirty floor of the venue, which was littered with cigarette butts and spilled drinks. His remix of Carly Rae Jepsen's  "Call me Maybe" was quite nice though.
Greg Stainer
I admit, I did have a great time, it was a good venue and it was well air conditioned, which was a relief. Also, we were quite close to the stage and the people around us were fun, danced and got into shenanigans, and didn't just stand around being boring, which was nice

The sad part was, during all of this, some parts were ruined by people constantly bickering around me. Dubai's gangsta hammoodis were all out in force, starting unnecessary fights in the crowd, which wasn't well appreciated.

I didn't stick around after that and ended up giving my wristband to some guy outside the venue so he could enjoy the concert. Did any of you go? How was it? What songs did he sing after I left?

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  1. Omgosh! I can't believe he did a rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit, that's unforgivable!

    Loved the review x

  2. haha, yes! Thankfully he didn't sing it, his band played a couple of riffs of it. Still unforgivable though!