Switch to Nutella at Switch Restaurant Review: You can't go wrong with Nutella!

The twitterverse was buzzing (or is it chirping??) with news of a new event held by concept restaurant Switch, located in Dubai Mall, called #SwitchtoNutella. I had never been there myself but what interested me wasn't the swanky interior or news about their famous camel burgers, it was their new Nutella bar. 

I know what you're thinking: DID SHE JUST SAY "NUTELLA BAR"?

Yes, yes I did.

So I headed down there on an empty stomach, ready to gorge myself on delicious Nutella treats on Wednesday, the 20th.

I was quite impressed with the aesthetic of the place which sort of reminded me of the interior of a spaceship of some sort.
The interior is sort of futuristic but nifty.
I met some other food bloggers there who were just as excited to try the Nutella delights, but first we were served these cute little burgers.

We asked what was in it and the waiter said it was beef. I took a bite and it tasted quite good, albeit a little dry. Later, when we were informed that it was camel meat, we were all like WTF?! We thought he was joking, like "Haha it's made of camel meat." No, really, it is camel meat.
A burger that ended up being made of camel meat instead of beef , ah Dubai problems.
My first time eating camel! We later found out that camel meat has less fat than beef which is why it is slightly drier but a lot healthier. Guys, I know we all love camels and stuff, but I mean... they're really good for you!

Ah, the moment we were all waiting for, the Nutella crepe with bananas had arrived. It didn't disappoint at all, it was quite delicious.

After that we were eagerly awaiting the next treat which was a Nutella fondant. Initially it tasted just like chocolate cake but when you get to the center... it's a hot melty pool of Nutella. 

Excuse me while I take a break to stop myself drooling all over my keyboard.
Served with some more ice cream with chocolate chips and a chocolate shot
We almost knew what was coming next and we got a little excited. I'm surprised we weren't slobbering like wild animals at this point because the Nutella pizza with strawberries looked like something I'd have invented with a couple of friends at a slumber party, for a naughty midnight snack.
Soft doughy bread covered with warm Nutella and strawberries with white chocolate sprinkles
At this point, I was getting a little tummy ache and a bit of a sugar rush. I had to call it quits before I slipped into a Nutella coma.

So here's my verdict. The not-so-good:
The service was a bit slow. They were a bit hassled, I guess; at one point they forget to get us enough cutlery, and our food arrived much later than anticipated. Also, the waiter failed to inform us of the type of meat we were consuming in our burger. That's a huge mistake in my book; what if we didn't want to eat a camel burger? I was a bit amused because it was my first experience eating the humped creature, but I bet many unadventurous eaters would be quite appalled.

And the good:
Their Nutella pizza costs a reasonable amount (less than 40 dirhams) and can be shared between 4 people. If you're a group of girls with a Nutella craving after a shopping trip in Dubai Mall, head to Switch and satisfy your craving with a slice of Nutella pie!

One thing's for sure: You really can't go wrong with Nutella.

BRB, I'm going to drive to the nearest 24 hour supermarket and buy a giant container of Nutella!
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The pictures do not belong to me, I got them from Twitter. I left my camera battery at home in it's charger like an idiot!


  1. i'm still waiting for the tub of nutella you promised to buy :)

  2. Damn, I can't believe the camel meat stunt they pulled off! What a horrible thing to do. The desserts look quite delish though :(

    1. I know! It wasn't too bad, I'll have to compare it to some other camel burgers to really know if it's amazing though ;)

  3. Wonderful pictures. Everything looks so nice. I will try this.
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