Comedy Dubai's hilarious show at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

After a grueling day of work (yes that's right, I'm not unemployed anymore! But more about that later...), I headed to The Pavilion Downtown Dubai for Comedy Dubai's season finale show.
I had never been before, my only experience of standup here in Dubai was a couple months ago when Russel Peters and did a sold out gig here. We paid a whopping 300 dirhams for that gig. You know how much I paid for this one? Nothing! Zero fils. And it was fantastic, probably even more so because we knew we didn't spend a fortune to be amused.
My friends and I were in splits, at one point I was scared I would wet myself (TMI?). The jokes mostly centered around common experiences people have, living in Dubai, the "characters" we come into contact with (My friend, Queeney who's from the Philipines was extremely tickled by the Filipino characters some of the comedians embodied.
However, even if you weren't from Dubai, you would find the jokes funny. The comedians were from different ethnic backgrounds, and had different experiences, and that added to the diversity of the show.
The hilarious Salman, this guy is like a Pakistani Russel Peters.
Lamya, from Egypt appealed to ladies like me in the audience who struggle with our weight.
The deadpan Irishman made us laugh with his wive's and his issues with their  maid (a common problem in Dubai)
Sheida, our resident local, gave us an Emirati perspective of life in the UAE,.
Look at us, so amused!
Not sure what his name is, but he was so incredibly awkward and hilarious. Easily my favorite of the night!
It was Keefe's first time doing standup and he was so good that I couldn't believe it
Feyaza Khan and Robert Hillier, two of the founders of Comedy Dubai (the other being Sheida), closed of the show and they were both hilarious. Then the moment all the tweeters were waiting for. Who won the #dubailife competition?! Loads of people did, and the grand prize winner was ME! I was pretty shocked, I didn't expect that my little tweet win me two Air Arabia plane tickets! Thank you, Comedy Dubai, for the tickets!
Yeah, I didn't know what I was doing...
For those of you wondering, this little tweet did it all. I know, I know, the more you read it, the less funny it is.

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  1. thanks for the write up Savannah. Glad you enjoyed the night and told people about it! :)

    1. Aw thanks! Yes, can't wait for the next show! :)