Having bangs does NOT make you Zooey Deschanel

I've had disastrous experiences at the hairdresser's.

I think when I tell a hairdresser, "Just an inch, please." what they hear is, "I want you to chop half my hair off and make me cry, please." 

I distrust hairdressers so much that I deluded myself into thinking that I could cut my own bangs. I could not.

However, I love bangs, and if you know me, you know that I'm smack dab in the middle of the safest hair zone ever: the "shoulder length layered hair, side swept bangs" zone.

But I've always wistfully looked at pictures of Zooey Deschanel (Otherwise known as the Queen of Perfect Bangs) and wondered what I'd look like with straight bangs.

Then just the other day I stumbled onto this website called easyHairStyler. You can upload a picture of yourself and then try out celebrity hairstyles and what-not.

Zooey's on this show called the New Girl with this gorgeous creature:
Hannah Simone, with what will be henceforth referred to as "The Most Unnaturally Perfect Bangs of Pure Evil" 
So I wondered what I would look like with The Most Unnaturally Perfect Bangs of Pure Evil. The answer? Not very good.
Oh, the shame...
I decided to move on, and just try and forget the horror that is me with The Most Unnaturally Perfect Bangs of Pure Evil, and onto Zooey's inncocent quirky locks.
Better than The Most Unnaturally Perfect Bangs of Pure Evil
And the fun continued...
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I really love your bangs, so could you give me your hairdresser's number, maybe?
I'd have to grow out my hair for years! Much longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted... much, much longer.
Baby, I was born this way! (Except the hair, it's a wig, duh.)
He coke, he broke, his mother flies coach - I'm not sure those are the right lyrics... Sorry, Nicki, your hair hasn't made me magically rap better...
You don't know-oh-oh, you know your hair's beaut-i-ful. (FYI: None of the guy's hair was taken from the guys' section of
the site. I'm not even kidding) 
If you'd like to amuse yourself or need a hairstyle change like me, go on easyHairStyler.com
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  1. Best post ever! I have to say that the Lady Gaga hair color and length suit you really well!

    1. Aww thank you! Green is one of my favorite colors...

  2. As ironic as it may sound, the Zooey hairstyle looks the best on you.

    1. Thank you, Anon! Unfortunately, with my hair texture, those bangs would be a nightmare to maintain!

  3. The Kim Kardashian hair really suits you, actually!

    1. thank you! My hair is sort of halfway there, I'd have to straighten it!

  4. LOOL ! i cut my bangs cause of hannah simone !!! tho i did manage to pull them off *pats self on the back* growing them out, the dubai heat does not take kindly to blow dried bangs.