Ramadan Night Market at Dubai World Trade Center

Everyone likes a bargain, especially here in the sandpit that is Dubai where we spend exorbitant amounts on shopping. Dubai Shopping Festival? Been there, done that. Dubai Summer Surprises? Yeah, that's over too.

So when I heard there would be a Ramadan Night Market, I was excited. In my mind, I pictured a flea market atmosphere of bargain hunters, and tables piled high with treasures waiting to be found by them.

I was sadly mistaken.

Would you pay 2000 dirhams for something like this? Actually, would you pay 25 fils for something like this?
Picture soulless booths with pricey merchandise that no one in their right might would buy. I mean, the clothes were downright awful.

Don't waste your time heading to Trade Center after Iftar to do a bit of light shopping. I left there empty handed, with an itchy need to spend my cash on something, anything. I had to head to the pharmacy next door to buy a muscle soother for my shoulder, which was aching from my heavy wallet, sad and useless from a night of not been taken out.

The Ramadan Night Market is from the 10th to 19th August. The merchandisers are the same ones on all days, unfortunately. If you've been there once, you've pretty much seen all there is to see.

Happy Shopping! (Not)

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