5 things to take away from your first job.

During my first proper job, an online marketing internship, I learned lots of valuable things. Sure, I learned about Google Analytics, and Adwords, and uploading campaigns. However, you can't learn everything from a manual.

I thought I would impart some of the wisdom I gained from my 6 week summer stint, so have a read. If you're a current university student, someone in high school or a fresh graduate, you might be interested.

Number 1, and the hardest one to get rid of, for most people in Dubai. The Blackberry curse.
Are your eyes constantly checking your Blackberry for that little evil blinked red light? STOP. It's not worth it. You look unprofessional. Take a little break from your desk when you really have to use your phone. I mean, let's face it, otherwise you'd go absolutely mental. Our brains automatically go to the absolute worst scenario, like what if someone died or something?!

Number 2 Learn how to use shortcut keys
Your job may not require it, but if you put "proficient in Excel" or "Computer Literate" in your CV, you better know the basics. Also, ALT SPACE + N really comes in handy if you're secretly browsing Facebook.

Number 3 Be Friendly 
You may not work at the company forever, you may not like the job much, but it's always good to be on good terms with your boss or supervisor. A good recommendation may be crucial to get you where you want to be in your future career.

Number 4 Learn, learn, learn
Be interested in your job. Show your enthusiasm. If you want to take your internship to a full time position, put in the extra effort to handle more work. You will get noticed for it.

Number 5 Be Professional
In person and on social networking sites. You never know when you are being watched. Get on Twitter and Linkedin, and connect with professionals in the field. You don't have to be a stalker though! Also, keep the YOLOs and the swearing to a minimum on social networking sites.

Let me know if any of these have helped you. Are you currently working or looking for a job? You can always tweet me here or Facebook me here for any advice.

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