50 year old stuck in a 20 year old's body

Thought I'd try something different and write a personal blog post (quite akin to the diary posts of Savannah, age 8).

I recently graduated in May, it took me a little more than a month to find a job (an online advertising internship), where I worked for 6 weeks. That was around a month ago. So what have I been doing since then?

Absolutely nothing.

"So when are you joining the gym, Savannah?"
"Tomorrow, I think."

"When's the next blog post?"
"I'm working on something, I swear!"

(That second one is made up. I know my mom is the only one who reads my blog. She's my biggest stalker--Hi, Mom.)

So, I finally got news that I would start work again on Sunday, and I remember I have all these things I have to do...

That requires me to get off the couch, and stop watching The Bold and the Beautiful.

"Bold and the Beautiful?! What are you? Middle-aged?!"

(Someone actually did ask me this when I admitted to watching B&B instead of, you know, having a life.)

Yes, Bold & the Beautiful. I'm so obsessed, I haven't missed an episode since the start of summer. To justify myself watching something so deplorable, I tell everyone that I love unwinding to it, but come on, I have nothing to unwind from.

I'm so incredibly addicted to the show that often find myself yelling at the screen. Usually things like, "Why are you making such a stupid decision, Brooke?!" or "You just had an affair with his Dad, and now you're after him? What is WRONG with you?!"

I love how messed up their lives are. Like, seriously, you think your life is messed up? Did you just lie about sleeping with your stepmother to get your father and your mom back together? Didn't think so.

Maybe I'm living vicariously though the Forresters... After all, they all seem to be multi-millionaires, but they all seem to do NOTHING all day. They just casually stroll into work at around 4 in the afternoon and then walk out after having a "meeting" where they generally fight about who's sleeping with whose husband while the CEO drinks neat shots of what's supposed to be whisky. I mean, I know it's really apple juice, but stop knocking back shots like you're at a college frat party. You're at work. Plus, it's 2012, not the 1960's. This isn't Mad Men. In real life, any regular person would end up in hospital, getting their stomach pumped.

But, oh no. No one in Bold & the Beautiful is rushed into hospital for alcohol poisoning. It's always a pregnancy that's been lied about, or a heart attack after finding out your husband cheated on you, or the dreaded and regrettably oft-used "car accident" (You were recklessly speeding along the highway in a downpour, while crying, because you just found out that your older sister is not really your older sister but surprise! Your mother who had a teenage pregnancy.)

See! I'm way too involved in this show. I can't wait to start work. I'm secretly hoping we'll be doing all sorts of Mad Men stuff, I mean, it is an advertising agency.

Confession: I referenced Mad Men twice, but I don't even watch it. I really need to watch worthier shows...

Anyway, that's it for now...  If you didn't like my ramblings, well... sorry. I'm not sorry.


  1. You know what In Egypt we had the bold and the beautiful showing its first episodes in the 90th when I was about 10. It was popular then and ppl used to chat a lot about it. It showed for 2 or 3 days.

    I too love the show but in its old days only; the 80th and early 90th episodes. I got board of it and the storylines repeating themselves.

    Currently I sometimes come across it in Dubai one. I keep wondering oh God the characters have grown very old and for the new ones I know no one. The only ppl I know are Eric, Ridge, Brook, Stephanie, Taylor, and Thorne. Everything goes on with the same storylines.

    I watch an episode or 2 by chance out of loyalty to my old favorite characters and whenever there is a DIFFERENT STORYLINE that looks interesting.

    Don't worry you are not the only 50s stuck in 20s. May be I'm a 60s who just got stuck in 30s :)))))))))))))))