Atelier Festival Dubai Concert Review

Before I get on with this review, I have to warn you that I am NOT an R 'n B/Hip Hop/Rap fan. If you've read my post I will NEVER know how to dougie, you would know this by now. But, I did win tickets to this festival and a couple of friends were going, so I was like... why not? Free gig.
That doesn't mean I didn't find anything to criticize about, 'course not. So here goes.
First of all, who chooses the line up for these things? Duffy didn't show, but it's a good thing she didn't because she would have been really out of place. Also, Craig David? What? Did we time travel a decade back to 2001?
But sometimes it's nice to feel the old school vibe, and a lot of people were totally digging it, including, surprisingly, ME!
We got there pretty late but we didn't miss Eva Simons perform her hit single Take Over Control. (The only one any of us really know, anyway). Wish we could enjoy it, but we were waiting in lines for our drinks for pretty much the entire song...And for the next 2 hours.
Love Eva Simon's hair. She reminds me of my fave troll dolls from the 90s!

I don't get why performers love these pants (I call them "Poopy Diaper Pants")
I was quite impressed with Ciara's abs, and the fact that she danced her Poopy Diaper Pants butt off, while not lip-syncing. My faves were obviously One Two Step and Love Sex & Magic.
Shades indoors. Oh well, guess he hasn't read the 14 Dubai trends that need to end yet.
 Craig David didn't disappoint with some of his classics like What’s Your Flavour, Fill Me In, Walking Away and the song that went on forever...  7 Days. We literally chanted the chorus for 5 minutes. The lyrics pop into my head whenever I hear the days of the week. He should've altered the last line to "We chilled on Friday" instead of Sunday. It would have been cute.
"I knew you before the band-aid" Some guy next to me yelled out. A true Hip Hop Hipster

Most of the time I could not understand a word Nelly was saying to the crowd but I do remember him asking who his first fans were. When he tested some obscure song out, the crowd was pretty confused... Except for the guys around me who were enthusiastically rap/yelling (Relling?) I just stood there making the West Side sign, completely bewildered. Until, of course, Shake Ya Tailfeather. That's when I... well you know, shook my tailfeather (or attempted to, anyway).

Had no idea who he was until someone went "Hey, that's the LMFAO dude."
SkyBlu, of LMFAO, shaved his head, which pretty much confused all of us who are used to seeing this all over Youtube:
That's SkyBlu on the right.
He got the crowd going with Sexy and I know it, Party Rock and Champagne Showers.

The Welcome to St Tropez guy.
Apparently, poor DJ Antoine fell through the stage or something and tweeted: 
"just finished my concert in .worst concert in my life... the stage actually broke and i felt down...hurtmyself a lot"
That's just one of the things the organisers screwed up, but I'll get to that. Also, I'm sure he was still affected by whatever medication they put him while in hospital, and really meant "fell down".
Finally, 50 Cent
 Ah, 50 Cent, another rapper that I couldn't decipher a word of while he was on stage. When he showed up, it was 1:30 am. He performed In Da Club and Candy Shop but honestly, after more than 5 hours of dancing, I was exhausted and ready to hit up Al Reef for some cheese manakish before heading home.
The concert was pretty fabulous but something has to be said about the incredibly bad organization for drinks and food. The bar was understaffed and there didn't seem to be any sort of queuing system. People were jostling for at least 2 hours before finally departing with the lukewarm alcohol that they forked over 40-50 bucks for.
While I waited impatiently for the change for my overpriced burger, I wondered, what were the Gulf Bike Week festivities like. (Daughtry & Razorlight were playing the same night at Festival Park, and I had free tickets for that show too).
So which show did you choose to go for over the weekend? Avicci, Gulf Bike Week or Atelier? What was your experience like. Facebook me, Tweet me or leave a comment below!

Photo credits: Gulf News, Time Out Dubai

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