Bakefest DXB: From Sugar withdrawal to Sugar Coma

What's better than a day of indulging in sweets and putting yourself in a sugar coma?

Maybe shopping. Maybe.

I headed down to Wild Peeta yesterday afternoon for my first Bakefest DXB experience.

What's Bakefest DXB? Well it's where a community of foodies and bakers just come together to do what they love; bake...and eat.
I planned to stay for a while, take a few pictures, schmooze with the bakers and the bloggers and come home. However, I suck with navigation and took longer than normal getting there driving in my car (I KNEW I should have taken the metro!) so I just popped in quickly, grabbed some goodies and vacated, lamenting how my stupid little human hands couldn't hold more than 3 boxes of sugary goodness. 


Seeing as how I sort of barreled in there and  madly started grabbing brownies, cupcakes and pies without much consideration, it's pretty amazing that practically everything I greedily shoved into my mouth when I got home was mouth-wateringly delish. 

My favorite was Sahar Faghihi's Banoffee pie. Holy... wow. It was amazing. The sweet mushy banana and the toffee mush, the light airy cream on top, and the perfect graham cracker base. Mmm... 
That's Sahar, The pies are the ones in the center. Sigh... I wish I could reach through the screen and grab them.
I also picked up these fantastic red velvets from Sugarama. So bad was my craving for sugar, that like an drug addict going through withdrawal, I couldn't even think straight. I read it as Sugarmama. Nope, it's Sugarama. Remember the name, because these cupcakes were the softest, moistest, cheesiest cheesecake frosting cupcake I've ever had.

Now I'm having serious regrets about not staying longer and sampling some more. Oh well, there's always next year, and I'm sure it will be even better! 

Vist Bakefest DXB's website and Facebook page for more info. 
Sahar's Twitter (Which I found through much investigation)
Sugarama's Facebook

Photocredit goes to Wazzup

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  1. WHY did I not know about this!

    1. There's always next year! Also, a list of names of the bakers are on the Bakefest website, and since they're all good, you could always track them down, kidnap them or whatevs.