Lazy Friday: Online Shopping.

If you own a credit card, it's pretty much a given that you will try online shopping one day.

I've experimented with deal sites before, but I was always a bit wary of buying anything online. However, while I was unemployed (and ironically, had no money to speak of) I started to browse sites like Etsy and eBay. 

I was obsessed.

No, I didn't buy anything, but I just spent HOURS browsing stuff. The online equivalent of window shopping, I guess. 

It's all paid off now, because one of the first things I bought was this:
Ancient Religions co-exist gold charm bracelet.
I bought this for my sister from a jewelry artist from the US, Jennifer Garrison, who I discovered from Etsy. I found her again on eBay when I was looking for gold charm bracelets and thought it was fate. My sister received her package a month later and fell in love with it (and so did I). After around the 5th time of me "borrowing" it, she got fed up and was like, "Why don't you get your own bracelet?!"

So I did. But I had something different in mind. I contacted Jenn and found out she did commissions.  I wanted a lucky charm bracelet with charms that were special to me or traditionally considered lucky. So I chose 8 charms; A hamsa, clover, turtle, horseshoe, star, an 8 (my lucky number), a wishbone and an evil eye. We emailed each other, and Jenn was so patient and helpful! Down to the very last charm. 

How darling is that little turtle? And that cute little star and clover!
I received my bracelet last night and I already feel lucky wearing it! Here's Jenn's online store Night Owl Jewelry. Her jewelry is the perfect gift for that special someone for the holidays! (You can tell how excited I am by my excessive use of exclamation points!)

Another site I recommend is Reebonz. They have a UAE site too. I'm constantly getting mails in my Inbox about their new sales on designer handbags. And the evil little website deposits shopping credits to your account during the weekend, when people feel their most spendy, I guess.

Just an hour ago I succumbed to purchasing my first designer bag. A completely impractical bright pink leather bag. My mom's look of disapproval on her face was enough to convince me to buy it. If I didn't buy it for myself, who would?!
My inner Barbie-loving 6 year old self squeals with joy.
Oh, and Happy UAE National Day! Is everyone loving the rain in Dubai? It only rains here like once every year, so you can't whine about it ruining your weekend plans!

Let me know what you think of my buys. I'm not exactly a fashion blogger but I was too excited about these items to pass up blogging about them. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more ramblings by me. 


  1. Love the customized charm bracelet!

  2. I love both bracelets and the bag looks nice to me if worn on black:)

    Enjoy your online shopping

    1. Yes! Definitely black or white. I think wearing it on bright colors would be overkill.

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