My first car accident in Dubai

Not my car, thank god!
If you've read my post on driving in dubai, you've probably figured out that I'm a really sucky driver. It was only a matter of time until I had an accident. And the time had come.

I'm just going to skip over the accident itself, it was a minor one in a car park at home. I say minor now, but at that point it was pretty much the end of the world because Maggie (My car, short for Magnesium because it's metallic) had endured a few scrapes already, but this time the bumper had come loose and there was also a small scratch on the other car.

I called the police, because that's what you do when you have an accident in Dubai.

"Yes, this is the bolice. What is the broblem?"

 I described what happened and they took down my address. With most places in Dubai, directions go like this:

"Yes, opposite Double D supermarket, take the first left from the Sylvestor's Salon, it's the building next to Boom Boom Restaurant. No next to, not the same building. Yes, the front side, not the back side."

Directions are given while trying not to giggle when hearing the phone operator say "backside". None of those places' names are made up, however, those are NOT directions to my place, stalkers.

Anyway, this was no exception.

So after all this, I just had to wait. I waited...and waited...

I could hear the Dubai Police horn sound (a very distinctive alien like sound). I kept hearing it but not seeing them anywhere.

Finally I saw them zoom past so I started waving desperately, running  towards them, sweat pouring down my face. Half of it probably wasn't from the heat of the sun, but from sheer fear.

"Ma'am, how many times. I come around here three times. What is this? Is this a joke?"

"I'm so sorry! I was right here! I was waving." In my mind, I was thinking, great, they're already mad at me. I'm so going to prison.

After that I went through the motions of telling them how it happened.

"Shu? How can this happen? How did you hit this car?"

"Um, sir. This is my car. That is the car I hit."

"AHHHHH... Well why didn't you say that this is your car. Shu, yanni? How am I supposed to know?!"

By this point, I could almost hear the other, younger cop snigger at me.

Then my father came down.

"Sall'am wallaykum, sir. How's everything?"

"We come round here three times. Your daughter is hiding somewhere and doesn't want us to find her."

"Savan, what is this? I could hear the cop car from upstairs!"

"YOU told me to stand there! I had to run to catch up with them!"

"Khalas, I give you 200 dirhams fine. Sorry, but it's better than 400 dirhams. I let you go."

I thanked them and breathed a sigh of relief. Maggie and I survived our first encounter with Dubai Police.

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  1. LOL That is a very accurate description of a car accident in Dubai.

    So glad I found your cute blog!

  2. As a new driver I totally relate with you (T_T)
    I'm trying really hard to prove the notion wrong that girls aren't all that bad at driving but two minor (non police involving) incidents later I'm considering trading in my beast of a car for a cycle :P

    1. THISSS... me too (About breaking the stereotype) Only, I never really learned how to ride a cycle.

  3. Good to know you and Maggie are okay :) Totally loved, Yes, this is the bolice... It's so rare to be smart and funny at the same time but you are.

  4. this and your having bangs does not make you zooey deschanel are my favourite posts :) <3

  5. Highly entertaining read. Thanks for sharing!