Things I wish I could do but I can't

I think everyone has a list of things that they can't do that they wish that they could. It's totally normal, right?

Mine pretty much verges on the ridiculous. Most people go like "Really? You can't do that?"

Well, anyway, here goes... 

I wish that I could...

1. Type with more than two fingers 

2. Ride a bike

3. Hula hoop
I literally look like this poor guy when I try to hula hoop.
4. Dance (See, how no one can teach me to dougie.)

5. Jump rope

6. Pretty much do anything remotely athletic.

7. Park my car right (See Driving in Dubai and My First accident)

8. Bake or Cook. (And eat everything, natch)

9.Sing and not make people think that I'm dying, they're dying or that somebody died.

10. Speak in more than one language

"You've lived in Dubai your entire life, yet you can't speak Arabic? You're Indian, but you don't know how to speak Hindi? Really?!" - Everyone.

11. Solve a Rubik's cube

12. Juggle

13. Do a split

14. Do one of those really loud whistles or whistle like that Flo Rida song

15. I wish I could raise my eyebrow. 

This would SERIOUSLY come in handy whenever I feel like being sardonic.

What are some of the things you wish you could do? Drop a comment, Tweet or Facebook me.

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  1. Sounds alot like my list. I'm so inflexible- I can't wink, whistle, raise an eyebrow, play normal sports that everyone else in the world plays....