The worst food blogger in Dubai at The Taste of Dubai Festival

In the past I've done a few posts about food like the Best Red Velvet Cupcake in Dubai which I thought classified me as being a, kind of, sort of... food blogger.

Yes, I know, I know. I'm just as bad as those people who use Instagram and think they're photographers.

But after last weekend, I can say, without a doubt, if I'm food blogger, I'm definitely the WORST food blogger in the world. 

Tasting food is really hard -- and I'm being totally serious.
This guy in stripes looks like he knows what he's doing. 
For weeks I had been looking forward to the Taste of Dubai Festival; mostly because I hadn't written a blog post in ages. 

In anticipation of the day ahead, I also visited the gym as a "HA! IN YOUR FACE." to my mom who had shaken her head disparagingly at me when she heard I was going to an "all day food festival with 150 dishes on offer from 30 top restaurants". So I knew that I would be hungry, but what I didn't know was that I would be ravenous

When we arrived on Friday, it was packed. The band was going at it, the crowd was enjoying themselves and I... well I wasn't really seeing anything except the plates and plates of gourmet food just waiting to be devoured by me.

The first thing that caught our eye was a small plate with 3 dumplings on it.

"Three dumplings!" I scoffed to my sister. She, however, insisted we buy them. 

We paid for the dumplings – which were a bit of a rip-off – at 35 Dhs.

As I scrambled to unwrap the infuriating chopsticks while my entire mouth filled with saliva, I lost any semblance of dignity or etiquette. I mean, really, I was ready to just stab all three dumplings with a single chopstick, fashion myself a dumpling skewer and just slide them all into my mouth.

What I really did was far worse.

I threw my chopsticks away and caveman-like took the container of soy sauce that was meant for dipping, and I just poured it over the dumplings and ate them by hand LIKE AN ANIMAL.

The dumplings were in no way satisfying and I moved on to the next place which had the most amazing looking chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce.

I wanted those skewers. I needed those skewers in my life.

"Ma'am sooorry, we just sold out of the chicken skewers." Just as I heard the chef call out "You ordered the chicken skewers?" I turned around, hopefully, and then watched the chicken skewers, my chicken skewers, being carried away by someone else.

I guess you could say something in me snapped (as if there were any remaining piece of sanity at that point).

We went on a tasting rampage. Whenever my sister would say something like "We can come back later" I'd remind her of the chicken skewers. 

"Remember the chicken skewers, Kas. Remember?"

And so we ate, and ate and ate.

Some of the places we ate from are listed here

I would list them all but I think I'll only tell you the ones I would personally recommend/yell about at the top of my lungs from the Burj Khalifa. And you can totally trust me; I'm not just saying they were good because I was hungry, at this stage, I was being discriminatory. 

You have got to try: 

Seafire's Atlantis Tenderloin Wellington & Truffle mash. The tenderloin was so tender and soft, I wanted to cradle it. In my mouth. Forever.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse's Voodoo Shrimp (Similar to PF Chang's Dynamite Shrimp)

The Gramercy's Hotdog. I was obsessed with finding this hotdog after seeing one guy walking around with it in his hand. The searching and stalking paid off, the hotdog was delicious.

Ronda Locatelli Potato ravioli with black truffle butter - doesn't the name just say it all. Mmm...

Well that's all for now. Hope you liked the post - I can't fathom why you would, being as it were that I'm the WORST food blogger of all time.

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