Why it sucks to be me during Summer in Dubai

Summer in Dubai has finally hit us all. Now it's in that stage where there's still a bit of wind, but it's hot and dry wind, and it just sort of feels like there's a giant blowdryer attacking your entire body. Soon it will get to that annoying stage when it feels like a sauna and people say things like, "Ugh, it's so humid, it's like a sauna," because everyone says dumb, obvious things like that when their brains are being melted to mush.

Something less obvious I've heard come out of a girl's mouth, "It's so f**king hot. I'm sweating like balls." 

Crude, but apt.

But I'm getting off topic. The topic being, why for ME specifically, Dubai's Summer is just the absolute WORST. Some of these may or may not apply to you, but I hardly care because right now I feel like whining about the heat - like a typical expat brat in Dubai.

1) My hair is curly, and while I'm sure everyone's hair frizzes up in the heat. My hair literally turns into this:
First question I ask before venturing out into the cruel summer heat.
And when I do go out and it is humid, this is me:
Why, God? WHY?!
2) I wear glasses, which means just stepping out of an air conditioned vehicle renders me blind because this happens:
What the...???
And also wishing my glasses had tiny little windscreen wipers.
I love the look of desperation on this guy's face. You wonder about the purpose of some weird stock photography (A guy with fogged up glasses clasping his hands?), but then I guess this served a purpose after all.

Then there's always the fact that I won't be vacationing, getting into my car will be like entering a mobile microwave and listening to the weather report will be like Groundhog Day - Hot and sunny, hot and sunny, hot and sunny, hot and sunny.

And repeat.

When what they're really saying is...

Welcome to HELL!

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  1. Dubai summers are the absolute best.
    Temps up in the high 90s/low 100s.
    Humid as the day is long.
    EVERYONE GETS BEATEN DOWN TO THE SAME LEVEL: If you're outdoors for more than 10 minutes, you are soaked in perspiration. Mother Earth cares not for the color of your skin, how much you weigh, how much money you make, or what you're wearing. You will be wet.
    Summer. The great equalizer.
    I fucking love it.