17 Things I Love about Dubai

1. Ramadan Timings, 'nuff said

But tomorrow Ramadan timings will be no more, Eid is over, and we will need some cheering up, so I decided to make a list to remind people in Dubai about some not so bad things about living in the sandpit.

Dubai gets a lot of flack for being fake or an expat playground. But forget all of that for a second and let's try to appreciate the finer things about living here. Such as...

2. Dubai does everything bigger.
And better.

This is the Dubai Police supercar fleet: an Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, a Lamborghini Aventador and a Mercedes and a Bugatti. Credit: Dubai Memes

Sure it's sometimes ridiculous, but it provides for tonnes of entertainment
3. We see some things here that we don't see anywhere else...

Credit: Dubai Memes
Credit:Dubai memes
4. Driving in Dubai is an adventure.

All roads lead to Miracle Gardens. Credit: mrsdubai.wordpress.com

5. We get some incredible perks.

Credit:Dubai memes
Credit: Dubai memes

You get McDonald's delivered to you now.

If it's not done big, it will be done tomorrow... Insha allah. Credit: Dubai memes
From tables being cleared for us at IKEA (when we're supposed to do it ourselves), to having our gas pumped for us, we are spoiled rotten, and it's better to be appreciative of the fact than ungrateful.

Side note (this doesn't apply to the guys): Ladies, you get to enter nightclubs for free everywhere - how awesome is that? I sometimes take this for granted, but when you're asked to fork over entrance fee in another country, it really pinches!

6. You see some really random things and it's awesome


I was there to see this little guy being released! 
Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find something else to do other than go to the one billion malls here, but there are other things to do!

Just don't be this guy:

7. You experience some of the best food here, which automatically classifies you as a foodie.

Credit:Dubai memes

Let's not forget the crazy Dubai Friday brunch or the insane number of Iftars we've been to.

8. We whine and moan about morning commutes but really, public transportation is awesome and cheap and always an adventure.
I've had countless adventures on Dubai metro. Photo credit: Bianca Francesca

9. Shisha cafes here are the best places to play cards and chill out - practically all day.

10. Dubai makes for some great instagramming and photography.

We pass by beautiful architecture every day.

Answer: All of the above

Just yesterday I spotted buildings shaped like a pair of Dolphins, it was adorable!

11. Even celebrities love Dubai and make frequent visits.

Even Eva Longoria had never seen a gold ATM before

Celebrities embrace the culture as well.
Tom Cruise climbing Burj Khalifa was less impressive than him landing in Satwa from Downtown, running in a sandstorm
12. We have a built in ice breakers - We never get tired of talking about how hot it is, or how much traffic there is.

We get excited about the little things.
Tanning is a lot easier when you're this close to the sun.
And so is baking.

13. Honorary mention: Some really great people live here.

Dubai's really small so you're bound to see someone you know, like y'know, the ruler of Dubai in the nearby cafe. 

Having a shawarma
14. If you're an expat, you adopt some of the culture
Credit: thefiercediaries.com

Translation: "Luke, I am your Father."
You throw some of the few Arabic words you know out there...

Burtukala, Tufaha, Mowza. There, I can speak Arabic too!

15. Dubai jokes - we can make fun of ourselves in the best way.

Like the Catboy & Geordiebird page on Facebook - they do this stuff all the time!

16. Dubai is open 24/7

It's just so convenient.
Al Reef manakish at 3 am? No problem.

Go to the mall in your pajamas, maafi mushkil. 

 Oman chips/Pofaki/Salad chips from the grocery at 12am, hell yes!

17. Dubai is tolerant of all cultures and what comes with it.

We're basically celebrating something or the other 24/7 - Diwali, Eid, Christmas, you name it.

These are my favourite things but I'd love to know what yours are. Sound off in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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  3. I loved this post! I just moved to Dubai and haven't been able to get out and about much because I'm still trying to get settled, but this made me so excited! I'm definitely planning on taking advantage of ladies nights...