Selena Gomez concert in Dubai: Teeny boppers galore!

Here's the thing, I'm 21 and I love Selena Gomez's music. That should be socially acceptable, right? I mean, she's 21 too.

After watching Spring Breakers, I thought her fanbase would be much older now, would probably be around my age.

So when I heard she was coming to Dubai, I was pretty much like, "Why not?"

Her instagram post gearing up her Dubai fans.

I arrived and noticed I was surrounded by screaming children, and I was like, alright, no biggie, let's get a drink and this won't be so bad.

There was no alcohol.

Maybe it was appropriate since the target audience for the concert was youngins and their parents who were most probably driving them home (hence, would/should not drinking), but still! WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US?

The concert started of early, I mean early. There was no 2 hours waiting period like Madonna or Justin Beiber (I've only heard - never ended up going for that concert - if I had, it would've prepared me for this teenies at this one.)

Selena was actually pretty flawless. One, because she looked like this: 

I mean, she looked like she was wearing something that she could be sleeping in, but she still looked cute in it. (Never sexy, I'm not sure she's pulling off sexy just yet)

It's a pity she wasn't wearing something like this for "Come and Get it" which has an Indian vibe. I guess for cultural sensitivity reasons and what not she decided to cover up a bit. (But her top was totally see-through which isn't much a compromise.)

Now I'm going to shamelessly get into the music - I'm a big fan of her album Stars Dance which is actually a great pop record - very Britneyesque.

My favorite parts of the night was "Birthday" infused with Rihanna's "Cake" - birthday cake, get it?

If I could drown out the tweens squealing, I could really appreciated the entire concert which included some new ones from Stars Dance like 'Undercover', 'B.E.A.T', 'Save the Date' and 'Like a Champion'.

She made up for her lack of vocals with great back up dancers, a pretty stellar band, lots of energy and some wisdom for the little 'uns about bullying and standing up to the haters and eating their vegetables and whatnot - I'm not sure about the last bit 'coz I pretty much zoned out at this point.

I did love her cover of Lorde's 'Royals' - she has great taste in music, that's for sure.

The concert ended at 10pm, in time for the kids' bedtimes and I trudged to McGettigan's nearby to get a much deserved beer. I know, I know, I sound like some crusty old curmudgeon, whining about them noisy kids.

So, did anyone else go? What did you think of the concert? Have you spotted Selena in Dubai, say I don't know - RIDING A CAMEL? 
A celebrity in Dubai go to guide - ride a camel. Geez, try being a little more original next time, Selena

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