The Killers at Sandance Dubai: a VVIP Affair to remember

When I was in my teens, VIP areas at concerts baffled me. Why would people pay oodles of money to be seated way at the back.

I guess things change when you get older.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to fight my way to the front. But it can be a sweaty, smelly, painful affair.

Most of my grievances with Sandances in the past were the long waits for drinks at the bar or waiting in line for the loos.

When I found out we snagged some free VVIP tickets to Sandance Dubai where The Killers would be headlining, I was ecstatic, I've never been a VVIP.

I've never even been an IP.

My sister and I headed there in my faithful ole Yaris, Maggi, and we smugly hung our VVIP parking pass, rolling by all the mere mortals with no parking passes.

"Sorry ma'am, you park over there."

"But we have a special pass. We're VVIP, you see."

Nope. De-nied.

Whatevs, we thought, let's just get inside and enjoy ourselves, but nooooo we get Douchey Security Guard On Power Trip in the VVIP line unnecessarily holding up concert goers who were sincerely following procedure.

I watched guys get harassed for "acting smart", "taking their ID back too fast" or "asking for trouble". Douche McDoucherson obviously thought he was guarding an event of presidential proportions and he was in the black ops or something.

Followed by clueless ticketer who told us, "Sorry, you're not on the list." I don't think she understood how alphabets work in an alphabetized list.

Imagine the heartache, our first time being VVIPs and we got treated like cattle.

All was forgiven when we reached the VVIP area, which was raised above the rest of the crowd, where we were Gods above all the puny humans, with free food and drinks.

We basically were like this the entire night.
When our drink got even remotely empty - this happened:

And one of the best things about being very very important is having these very very nice porta potties with literally no waiting line and get this - fancy soaps and lotions, mouthwash, and even those dental and sewing kits you get in hotels.

Also, we got to meet cool people like the Hollaphonic, local artists from Dubai who make great music.
Added bonus to wearing all this fun quirky Toyota gear.
But most importantly, it was the best place to watch The Killers, a band that is undoubtably one of my favourites, perform live. 
Sigh,  Brandon Flower's is just perfection.
From their first song "Mr. Brightside"to "When You Were Young" - their last song for the night - they were flawless, with a playlist full of their greatest hits. And we got to do what Sandance is meant for - dance. With no obnoxious drunk people pushing us around. It was awesome being Gods for one night at least.

Tomorrow it will go back to being regular mortals.
Driving Cadillacs in our dreams
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