Ananasa: Shop & bargain online for Middle Eastern handmade crafts

It's no secret I love shopping online; it's become sort of a weekend pastime/addiction.

Which is why when I heard of an online site for Middle Eastern handmade crafts, I was intrigued.

An online marketplace, allows artisans and designers in the Middle East to sell their creations worldwide.

Some of the things I have my eye on are:

Gold handmade charm bracelet (link)

Rainbow mug (link)

Hamsa flower bracelet (link)

This cute Saudi couple cushion (link)

Hamsa bracelet in brown and gold (link)

 An arabic "seen" (or letter S) necklace on black cord (link)

The site also allows you to bid or bargain online, so don't fret if you find something you like, but you feel it's not meeting your budget.

Do you like to shop online? What sites do you frequent? Sound off below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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