Dubai Christmas Festival Review: Easy as (mince) pie in Dubai!

After the Expo 2020 win and UAE National Day, I guess Dubai just couldn't stop celebrating, because we decided to celebrate Christmas 20 days in advance this year.

Yes, Santa and snowmen came early this year for the Dubai Christmas Festival, held at Dubai Media City.

Snow and date trees: Only in Dubai
UAE flag bauble: We know how to do Christmas in the Middle East!
I was invited to attend, and although I knew it was primarily a family event, I couldn't resist.

You see, I never had seen falling snow, had mulled wine or eaten a mince pie, which were all promised in the invite.

Well, now I can cross all three off my bucket list!

While I roamed around, taking in the giant Candelite tree, listening to the live band, sampling my first mince pie, children were running all about in boots, gloves and hats, when the temperature barely went below 25 degrees, shouting "Merry Christmas!"

Which got me thinking, no wonder children these days are so confused about Christmas.

With games and bouncey castles, and minion toys, I doubt children cared very much that Christmas was another 20 days away. 

How do you plan on celebrating Christmas, if you do plan on celebrating it here in Dubai? 

Tell me about it below, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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