Musicals in Dubai: Peter Pan The Never Ending Story Arena Tour

I never had a chance to do a proper review on Chicago the Musical, which I had mentioned before on the blog, because I was travelling the very next day after seeing the show, but after finding out that there would be a second musical, Peter Pan, hitting Dubai, I have to post about what an amazing experience it was.

My sister and I were singing When You're Good to Mama, while packing, in the airport, and in random bursts throughout the vacation, probably driving my own Mama crazy in the process.

I'm quite excited for Peter Pan which will be showing in March (just in time for my birthday, what a nice coincidence, I know what my birthday plans will be - not growing up!)

If you read about the show in the news, they're calling it the "most spectacular, most glittering, most technically sophisticated and most magical show ever staged in the region."

That's a lot of "mosts" and I'm not in the slightest bit skeptical that the show won't disappoint. 

There'll be magic and dancing and FLYING. 

Even if you're not too familiar with Peter Pan, or the songs, it would still be fun and eclectic with songs you'd be able to recognise like Seal's Kiss from a Rose, or Angels by Robbie Williams.

Have a peek at the video trailer here:

Tickets are from AED195, you can book your tickets at
For more information: Visit Yak Events

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