Savannah 201: One year after starting this blog

When I first started this blog a year ago, I was fresh out of university, looking for a job and I basically had a lot of free time on my hands. Blogging sounded... easy as pie. (I know, kill me for being this obvious.)

One year later, and I thought I would give you guys a little update on my life, so you guys know it's not all cupcake reviews and cynical commentary on things happening around Dubai.

A year ago, I did a Savannah 101, an introductory level course on myself. So here's my commentary on what I wrote back then:

This blog still has nothing to do with pie. Maybe one time, when I was reviewing a supremely delicious banoffee pie, but really, if you're here for pie, this is me warning you so you won't be sorely disappointed. (I just hate when people lie about there being pie. It makes me angry.)

Blah blah blah, I had a diary, was (was?) an uber nerd, blah blah blah.

Also, you would think that I would have a better hiding place for my diaries, to not have them always found by friends visiting – I guess I may have actually enjoyed people reading my petty ramblings as a child, just goes to show how nothing's changed since then.

"I'm (hopefully) not going to drone on and on about my life." I'm pretty much proving this point wrong AS I WRITE THIS.

The list of things about me that are so irrelevant, I wonder why I even wrote them:

1. I'm still 5 ft. 8 and I've accepted that at work, if I don't want the mass majority of people to be at boob-level, I should stick to wearing flats.

2. I wear glasses AND have braces and it's not really working, but I hate sticking contact lens in my eye every day, and I'll just have to wait a few more months for the mouth chastity belt to come off.

3. I'm not musically bigoted and have a wide range of genres that I like - mostly Top 40 crap I hear on Virgin Radio every morning on my commute when it's not random indie songs I like the sound off in the background of a scene from Teen Wolf (IT'S A GOOD SHOW OKAY, but I'm getting to the TV point in a sec.)

4. Nothing to add to this point, except was it really necessary to have another movie adaptation of Stephanie Meyers novel? 

5. I'm currently obsessed with, and spend my free time on a social media site for BOOKS. Goodreads is like the best thing ever.

6. I'm no longer afraid of escalators! Small victories, guys.

7. "Love food, hate the pounds. I'm currently on a healthier diet and trying to get my butt of the couch to hit the gym." 

It figures that this point would stay the same. It just sort of becomes a lie when I decide to binge-watch Parks and Recreation and binge-eat anything I can find. Which brings me to the next point...

8. "Do NOT even get my started on TV shows. It's a long list. Taste ranges from Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore (Yes, I know. Awful, just awful) to really great ones (Frasier, The Wonder Years, Dexter, Game of Thrones)" 

I can't believe I wasted my life watching Dexter and the Jersey Shore (Yes, Dexter pretty much falls in the category of Jersey Shore after that terrible finale.) And come on, DAN'S GOSSIP GIRL? I'm a little more selective with my shows now. Well, if you call Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars selective. But how awesome was Breaking Bad, guys?!

9. "I'm a marketing graduate and I'm currently unemployed! I'm really interested in PR and Advertising too. I love using social media and would love learning how to apply it in a business context."

Oh, how naive I was. Working in an advertising agency can be soul sucking at best, but I'm happy to say I'm enjoying it most days and the fun having and work banter is a plus. 

10. "I really really REALLY love animals. I just don't own any so I spend a lot of time on YouTube going "awww..." watching Maru the cat. I also spend most of my time watching NAT GEO WILD and Animal Planet. I'm trying to be more environment friendly and looking into conservation efforts here in Dubai to try and protect animals. Also, this summer I'm looking to do some volunteer work"

This is the point I am just deeply ashamed about. I wrote this at a stage where I was unemployed, watching cat videos on loop on Youtube, and NAT GEO and Animal Planet at 4am.

I deluded myself into thinking I could become an some sort of animal rights activist and I guess I forgot how lazy I was. I thought that if I thought about doing good stuff, that basically made me a good person. Nope, I'm a sucky human being who really didn't do anything that summer except write a blog and apply for jobs.

There's still an abundance of bloggers in Dubai, which is why it surprises me when someone actually takes the time to read even a sentence of mine. I mean, you guys could be watching Breaking Bad, or reading about the latest celebrity DUIs on Perez, but you're here! 

I still have no idea what I'm doing, especially when I get press releases and I'm just like, wait what, you want me to review your stuff? Like anything I write actually matters?! THAT'S AWESOME!

So there it is. Not exactly a brilliant self analysis. I mean, I'm heading into the 2nd year of my 20s, I need to be more self-aware and like adult-y. And not say stuff like adult-y.

So there it is, you've just received a crash course Savannah 201. Maybe one of these days I'll scan my diary from when 8 years old, that would be Savannah 301: A history.

Any comments, feedback, swearing at me is still encouraged. I'm still pro-sharing on social media, or not, there's no pressure!

Updated Ugly Betty image. Still have the braces, after two years! :(

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  1. Happenstanced on this (and you DONT wanna know where/how!) .. LOOL - enjoyed that! Beauty + brains .. now thats rare! (or I'm stereotypical).

    Methinks its time them alloy jaws come off - them pearly whites look close to pretty dazzling peach-perfect! (typical male thingy - told you - stereo....!)

    Keep blogging - Dubai can do with a ray of sunshine! God Bless! :)