Peter Pan Musical in Dubai Review : The magic of never growing up

I turned 22 over the weekend, and I celebrated the best way I could think of, by going to see Peter Pan The Never Ending Story in Dubai (Thank you, Yak Events, for the tickets!)

Growing up can be difficult, especially in your early twenties. Taylor Swift is virtually the only person who pens a happy song about feeling 22, when every other person would rather fist-pump to being 18 'til they die.

I know that in the office I'm one of the youngest, so I get absolutely no sympathy when I talk about how terrible getting older in your 20s can be; it's a period when you have so much growing up to do – in relationships, in your career, and in some of the little things that affect your personality and your whole belief system.

But I guess growing older doesn't mean you need to grow up.

In Dubai, you get jaded about seeing wonderful things every day, seeing fancy buildings and cars is a daily occurrence here, which is why it takes a lot to really impress someone.

Believe me when I say, this show was actually impressive, and had me ooh-ing and aah-ing in child-like wonderment.

From the costumes and production, to the performances of the acrobats, and singers, everything was awe-inspiring.

The stage resembled a huge open book, which held numerous trap doors from which performers popped out of, but even the sharpest eye would have to work very hard to mark Peter Pan's many movements around the set.

The screens behind changed into different scenes as the show progressed, taking the audience to different worlds. 

The first act introduced us to (my favourite character) Captain Hook, who had some great interaction with the audience, miming a "call me" to an audience member who was taking a picture of him with her cell phone.

The dancers were fantastic. Some stand out moments were the this guy suspended in a backward bend for like a whole minute. Unbelievable. My abs hurt just thinking about it.

The mermaid song was hauntingly beautiful

Also, not going to lie, I got pretty teary when Tinkerbell nearly dies and the audience had to get involved in chanting "I do believe in fairies" so she can live. It's cheesy when you think you're a cynical 22 year old with no imagination, but when you find yourself thinking that if you believe it's enough for it to happen, it's just... SHUT UP, IT WAS EMOTIONAL, OKAY?!

The show ended with the cast waving goodbye and Captain Hook giving us all the hook as he departed (I guess no fingers makes it PG!)

I would definitely recommend watching the show, which would be the best thing to take children to, while it's still on. Check here for how you can buy tickets. Last show is on the 13th of March, hurry!

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