Fashion Forward Day 1 Review: Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Dubai any more.

If you're used to my blog by now, you've probably realised I don't easily fall into the category of a fashion blogger. I mean, just see my attempt at being a Dubai Fashion Blogger, I fail miserably.

I like fashion, I appreciate style, and I love shopping, but I really wouldn't know the first thing about what next season's Autumn Winter trends are, and what's happening on runways around the world.

When a close designer friend of mine asked me to accompany him to Fashion Forward, my first thought was "What do I wear?!" and after arriving at the show, I realised, that reaction was valid.

You know that scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy lands in the technicolored world of Oz and everything around her is no longer in black and white? Well, I guess in this century, the best analogy would be, "You know when you switch filters on Instagram and discover one that's like totes amaze?", but anyway, it was totally wild. 

In Dubai, it only snows on runways, dahling.
 Check out some of the pictures here: #ffwdxbMen walking around in ripped stockings, spiked shoulder pads, and in some cases, wearing what appeared to be nightdresses (???). Women strutting around in feathers, tulle and leather. I'm guessing this is what Katniss felt like in The Hunger Games upon entering The Capitol.

I swear, this is what people were dressed like.
It was a really interesting experience watching everyone interact and enjoy the shows like Ezra's and The Emperor 1688's. With appearances from celebrities like Les Twins (Yeah, I didn't know who they were either), BryanBoy (SO glad I watch ANTM occasionally so I'm not a complete imbecile when speaking to fashionistas), along with popular bloggers from Dubai, it's the perfect platform to showcase the growth of fashion and design in Dubai, and the talent of local designers.

For more about Fashion Forward visit the website.

Who knows, I might pluck up enough courage to wear a giant tutu on Day 3, just because when else other than Halloween can a girl rock a giant tutu she accidentally purchased on Etsy (I'll save that story for another blog post!) If you've attended Fashion Forward, let me hear all the glorious deets! 

Image disclaimer: All images posted were not taken by me. Photo credit here, here, here, here, here

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