Win Justin Timberlake in Abu Dhabi tickets: Create the perfect concert look

SIVVI.COM, a newly launched fashion portal for designer clothing, which also ships to Dubai, is running a competition for bloggers to create their own Spring concert look - one lucky blogger wins Justin Timberlake tickets for his concert in Abu Dhabi on May 23rd!
Here's my mood board to be in on the running:
Statement Necklace, Crop top, lace shorts, sling bag, and sandals 
I picked items in the range of 100 to 300 dirhams because, let's face it, if I were spending money on concert tickets, I'd be pretty broke by then. Also, it doesn't make sense to dress up too fancy for a concert when you'll be dancing until you're covered in sweat and have probably sloshed your drinks all over yourself from all the jumping!
It forever baffles me when I see someone wearing high heels to a concert, and it further infuriates me when said person manages to step on my feet - these sandals are perfect for concert goers who spend hours standing in line to go to the bathroom.
Every girl needs a sling bag at a concert to carry essentials like keys, and their phone to text their jealous friends about how they're having so much fun at the concert and they wish they could have made it.
The crop top and shorts are all the rage for concerts like Coachella, and with a statement necklace, it's a perfect look for Spring.
So there it is! The competition ends on May 18th - hurry and get your looks up to be in on the running! See T&Cs here.

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