Review of Caramel Restaurant & Lounge in Abu Dhabi: Blogger brunch

Last weekend, the fabulous PR team behind Caramel Group organised an intimate bloggers' brunch at Caramel Abu Dhabi.

Located at the heart of St. Regis, Saadiyat Island Resort, the hour long drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was completely worth it just for the brilliant view of the startling blue ocean at midday.

The highlight for me, was seeing this happen. Sirloin sizzling on what is called a "hot rock". Fascinating! Oh, and it was totally delicious by the way, but you literally cook it as long as an Instagram video.
  Kobe beef. So that's how you do it! #food @CaramelAbuDhabi
Speaking of Instagram, the rest of the food was equal parts delicious and visually appealing. #nofilter

Delicious welcome Mohito. Hello, weekend!
Yes, that's a pizza.
The words "Tuna Pizza" appalled me, but all was forgiven when I had the first bite. Just don't make the mistake of trying to look like a sophisticated Dubai blogger by eating it with a knife and fork, you have to eat it caveman like style with your hands!

An instant favourite, TNT Shrimp. 
Gotta have the pie, my namesake! The cobbler was delish!
The lovely ladies of Abu Dhabi, follow them on Instagram @thefashset and @Myriam_FL

The atmosphere was relaxing, warm and luxurious. It's safe to say I will want to be returning to Abu Dhabi for another taste of Caramel! (Side note: I was really hoping for "namesake" items on the menu, a caramel infused beverage/dessert for example. Maybe next time I'll luck upon them!)

The service was excellent, staff were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

I'd recommend visiting Caramel Abu Dhabi for pre-dinner drinks and mingling when there's a buzz of people.

I met some wonderful bloggers from Abu Dhabi and I hope to see them pop over to Dubai soon!

Check out their blogs here:
The Fash Set
Fashion Laboratoire

Visit Caramel's website to find out more, and don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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