Review of Mo's Diner at Citywalk Dubai: Perfect for "light" comfort food and a chill hang

When you're a 20-something, living in Dubai, it's a bit daunting to choose what to try next with so many new things happening in the city everyday. Citywalk launched in Dubai last year, and I kept meaning to visit, but never managed to. And after finally visiting last week, I'm kicking myself for the error of my ways.

I mean, just look at the fabulous location.

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With Ramadan around the corner, it's a nice time to go for a stroll to the shops, stop for some shisha, and a while you're there, pop over to Mo's Diner. 

Mo's is known for its infamous "Mo's Sundae challenge"  a mammoth of a dessert which, shamefully, I believe I'd have been consumed quite easily, if it weren't for the 4 bananas. 8 scoops of ice cream in 30 minutes? Pfft! I think I've had more after a particularly bad dating disaster.

But with my friend being lactose intolerant, we decided we weren't cut out for death by dessert. Death by TNT Shrimp Tacos sounded a lot better! We played a little game of "Kill, marry, casually date" with the guac, salsa and sour cream as options. We both unanimously agreed, the guacamole was marriage material!

TNT Shrimp Tacos with guacamole, salsa and sour cream dip. 
Mo's bills itself as a family diner with all-American comfort food, but I was impressed that it also offered healthy options like grilled salmon, light sandwiches and sugar-free ice teas as well.

Black Jasmine Ice tea, best ice tea ever!
To start off, we had the baked meatballs, which will pretty much make you never split starters with friends ever again. Comfort food at its best, the dish reminded me of a lighter lasagne.
Baked meatballs with biscotti
To cap it all off, we chose the honey cake, which was one of the best cakes I've had in my life.

Thin delicate layers of mille feuille (that's fancy for "many sheets") of soft, moist cake . Bites of it dissolved in your mouth, with the honey being sinfully delicious but not overpoweringly sweet. Not going to lie, I'm lusting for it all over again while writing this review.

The staff was attentive and helpful in recommending things to try. Friendly waiters are always a pleasure to have

The atmosphere inside was laid back and relaxed. We had lunch at the walk on Saturday, but the place was still filled with customers.

We enjoyed our dessert outside, people-watching the couples and families that were strolling around. The outdoors, albeit slightly empty, with people probably shying away from the 40 degree midday temperatures of Dubai, was beautiful. I'd recommend coming in the evenings when there's a bit of a buzz from people sitting outdoors and you're not melting too much!

For more about Mo's, have a look at their menu here or visit their website.

A meal for two would come up to Dhs 100 - 200; on the cusp of indulgence, but still casual.

Have you visited Mo's at Citywalk? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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