The Fault in Our Stars Movie/Book Review

The Fault in Our Stars was one of the most hyped books of 2013, and subsequently became one of the most hyped movies of 2014.

I should have learned my lesson after Twilight, but I guess curiosity is my hamartia (inside reference if you've read the book/watched the movie.)

The movie releases tomorrow, June 12th across the UAE, and I was one of the lucky ones who got to see the premier. What did I think of the movie? It was as good as the book... which was, not very good.

TFIOS fell short of meeting my expectations. "This book is well written," I kept thinking to myself, "so why is it that I feel absolutely nothing?" Then I went into the movie thinking that Shailene Woodley, who is a brilliant actor, and Ansel Elgort, would be able to vindicate the story for me.

I mean it's got two kids having cancer, that should do the trick, right? FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS!

But it just never felt real to me. I know they were kids on the brink of death and were supposed to be wiser than most, but them droning on and on about metaphors, and the meaning of the universe, and quoting from a book that didn't even seem all that great, just made me want to scream at them, "SHUT UP, YOU PRETENTIOUS HIPSTER CANCER KIDS!"

When Augustus takes out his cigarette in the aircraft, that was the pinnacle of hipster douchebag nonsense that made me forever hate both him, for being such an insufferable douchey time-waster (to make an air hostess stop and tell him to put his pack away), and Hazel, for putting up with his douchery and trying to explain his preoccupation with metaphorical resonances. 

The movie is a diluted version of the book. All the things that make the book gritty and raw, like the -SPOILER ALERT- physical effects of the cancer taking its toll on Ansel and how it affects his relationship with Hazel, or the anger and grief Hazel feels after Ansel's death, their cynical view on the existence of God, or the real reason Hazel cares so much about what happens to the characters in Van Houten's novel (because it's a reflection of the fear she has of dying and leaving her parents with no joy/lives) all were brushed aside, and in the end it was just as bad as a sparkling vampire and vapid girl falling in love.

Sorry, not sorry.

At least the movie watching experience was completely fabulous. VOX Gold is an experience you have to have more than once in your life - I can't wait to go back to gourmet food and reclining theatre seats! 

So you can eat mezze with Kebbe in a cinema. Let's just stay here forever. #TFIOSVOX Okay so Vox Gold is amazing! @abbasthebuilder and I are sitting in our reclining seats, can't wait for the movie to begin! #TFIOSVOX

I never did feel the need to use these! Way too sappy for my taste.
#TFIOSVOX premier. In case of feels use tissues! 

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