How to get your hair dyed purple in Dubai

I've been having severe hair envy lately, and it's for crazy hair colours. 

So I bought some hair dye online and went to my go-to hair salon in Karama to get it done.

I know what you're thinking. Karama? Really? 

You don't understand, I have severe trust issues when it comes to hairdressers (and men), and have basically been going to the same salon I've been going to since I received by first bowl haircut (at the time bowl cuts were at the height of toddler chic) and whenever I get my hair done, it's always been a good job.

My trusted hairdresser, Chimi, greeted me and didn't bat an eyelash when I told her I wanted purple hair, so I took it as a sign of good faith that she knew her sh*t.

As I sat in the chair waiting for the bleach to do its business there seemed to be a lot of interest in the fact that I was getting my hair dyed purple. Especially since the tub of dye looked like this:

Oh, I had reason to panic alright!
After my hair was bleached, I noticed that my hair looked... not that bleached. I asked Chimi, who confidently said, "This bleach enough, red, purple, same thing. It works."

So I shut up and sat while another hairdresser, Pouffy applied the purple dye. Pouffy, whose real name is actually Erika I later found, has been rocking the same lady mullet hairstyle since the 80's. (She doesn't know I call her Pouffy in my mind, thank God. I'm a bit frightened of her).

This is why I think of her as Pouffy.
As I waited for the purple dye to do it's business, curious salon-goers asked me why I wanted to dye my hair purple.

"Just wanted to try something different with my hair. I'm just a bit bored."

While getting the dye washed out, I anxiously asked Chimi, "Is it purple?"

"Um... It looks sort of brown. Maybe it's the dye?"

"The dye is purple."

"I don't know, it doesn't look purple... maybe it's because the hair is wet. Let's wait and see."

Well, we waited, and we saw. I think Chimi highly overestimated her purple hair dyeing skills.

The result? Well, not what I intended, but I guess it is different, and definitely not as bad as it could have gone.

Yay for unintentional ombre?
You have to look really really hard to see the purple. (My hair is on the right, the hair I wanted is left)
I decided I wouldn't do anything to correct it, bleaching your hair really takes a lot out of it.

I'm going to wait and do my hair in one of the salons reputed for crazy colour hair dyeing, haven't decided which one yet, but I've found a few Dubai bloggers who've succeeded in awesome hair.

Sara, from Sara in Dubai. Photo credit
Kate from Desert Twins. Photo credit
If you, like me, are suffering from hair envy, check out their hair salon experiences and let me know if you have had mishaps/any luck at salons yourself! 


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