#NoFilter #Nomakeup for a Passport Picture

I had to renew my visa and for that I needed to go for a medical blood test yesterday.

When I produced a passport picture, of me as a nubile 16 year old (one I had personally gone to the photo studio and asked them to retake the picture until it was perfect), I was told I needed a recent passport picture.

Oh, the horror! 

A lot of people are apprehensive about the needle when they go for the blood test. Me? I was struck with terror at the thought of the passport picture, but who can blame me with masterpieces like this:
Savannah, aged 10. No that was not a cool lightning shaped scar, that was just flyaway frizz from that bangin' haircut.
To make matters worse, I had practically rolled out of bed, unconcerned about putting on makeup because who was I trying to impress in the government office?!

Sitting in queue, the panic mounted as the line to take the picture became shorter and shorter. I didn't have any time to run to the bathroom to carefully apply a layer of makeup to shield me from the unforgiving lens of the heartless picture taker.

We were lambs to the slaughter, one miserable person after the other, cowering under the glare of the harsh fluorescent lighting and the barked orders of "Sit straight!" and "Chin down!"

Finally it was my turn and like Mufasa speaking to Simba from the beyond in Lion King I heard the voice of Tyra Banks in my head saying "Smize, Savannah, Smize".

In my head I thought, I got this! I'm going to look fierce! 

Yeah... More like feral.

I could have been an extra on The Walking Dead.
All those selfies on Instagram. Was it all just the filter? Was it all an elaborate lie? Was this what I really looked like?

So I just took a #nofilter #nomakeup selfie, in broad daylight and I've come to the conclusion that passport pictures are definitely the work of Satan.

I mean, it's not perfect, but at least I could pass for someone with a pulse.

If there is anyone out there with an equally bad passport picture, don't be shy! Share it with the world -- no one's perfect all the time, and in the Age of the Selfie, it's all the more important to remember that!


  1. Princess Cortez22 July 2015 at 06:44

    I still think you're fabulous :-)

  2. Savannah NOT Banana22 July 2015 at 22:26

    awww thank you! That's the best thing you could hear in the morning :)