What's a social media detox like?

Around 3 weeks ago I decided to take a break from social media. Announcing it, on social media, wasn't dramatic to say in the least.
In my earlier post, I talked a little bit about my reasons for doing a social media detox. So, did it work? Well, I found that...

1. I did read more.
I completed my Goodreads reading challenge pretty easily. With nothing to keep me distracted, I was basically the non-magical equivalent of Dark Willow from Buffy. 
(Sorrynotsorry for the awesome/geeky reference)
2. I don't think I slept much better

An unfortunate side effect of reading more is sometimes I got a little too obsessed with a book and stayed up all night reading it.

3. I did feel like I was more present and productive

Being off social media gives you a bit of perspective on just how much time you waste on your phone; I was shocked at how many times I found myself reaching for my phone during a boring work meeting. (How am I still employed?)

4. I did have a lot less FOMO

I had to go to India for corrective eye surgery, so while in the past I would have been a little hateful that other people were having a more fun time than I was during the holidays...
I didn't have constant reminders about it on social media. 

Life after logging back in has been... not much different. I did realize just how in the dark I was about world/pop culture events; celebrity deaths, Kylie Jenner's outfits, natural disasters, Donald Trump. It all came flooding back into my timeline and it was overwhelming. 

If you decide to do it yourself, it's worth it enough to see your friends and family react like you decided to join a cult/have an unplanned pregnancy (no joke, someone asked me if that was the reason.)

Would you do a social media detox to start off 2017? Let me know. Hit me up in the comments (or if you can't be bothered, on Twitter😉)

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